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OUTSIDE SHOP The business was first established in 1980 by the late John Carmichael.

Since then, David Willimott took over the business and was later joined by his son Stuart.

They have been the owners of the business since 1984 and have made the business a huge success with regular visits from local league, superleague and county dart players, and other valuable and loyal customers from all around the county.

Since we took over the busines, it has just grown from from strength to strength, with both David and Stuart providing the public with an excellent friendly and professional service which is hard to find elsewhere.They are always pleased to see you and can give you the expert advice you need.

So why not drop in to our store and meet us. We look forward to seeing you. Find us by clicking here.

David Willimott

david willmottDavid is an ex Norfolk County Darts Player and was the first player to achieve 100 appearances for the County.

He won many of the local darts leagues and tournaments with his local darts team and also won Singles and Doubles Tournaments.

His finest year was in 1980, when he played with, and against some of the greastest darts players in the world, Leighton Reece, Jocky Wilson, John Lowe and Eric Bristow to name a few, and was a competitor at the World Masters Tournament at Wembley that year.

David has also had the misfortune of playing the great John Lowe in what would be regarded as the legendry John Lowes greatest ever 1001 leg of darts.

john lowe and david willmott score sheetThe leg was won by John Lowe in 21 darts.
The scores as you can see from the picture on the right, consisted of 180, 97, 140,140,140,140 and a fantastic 164 outshot.

David remembers the day very well, and after the game, David said to John "at least I didn't drop out of the twenties" with John Lowe replying " It didn't do you much good though did it". Since that day John and David have been good friends and still stay in touch to this day.

David also won the 1980 Suffolk Open, and amazingly after having to undergo a knee operation, won the Norwich Brewery Doubles tournament whilst on crutches. David said "the lads (Leighton Reece, Alan Evans) dragged me out of hospital to get there".

Since that time, David has been the guest presenter of many local darts and sport events presentation nights, and has provided and engraved the trophies, cups and medals for many featured sporting events across the county.

With all the years of experience in darts and trophies behind him, this makes David a perfect choice to help you pick the darts or trophies to suit you.

Stuart Willimott

stuart willmott Stuart joined his father David to help run the business. Obviously growing up with his father as the dart player, has helped Stuart understand the key points behind the game of darts.

He is also a keen dart player himself and has played in his local pub dart teams.

Stuart is also a keen fisherman and footballer and has played Sunday League football for the past 15 years. He does a lot of the engraving work as part of our engraving service and making up of the trophies and has a keen eye for detail. He is on hand to help you pick trophies for whatever occasion you require.

Stuart is also the key point of contact for any of your internet enquiries.

With all the knowledge he has gained over the years from both his father, and his own experience as local darts and football player, he can also provide you with expert advice for picking the perfect set of darts or choice of trophies for you.

The perfect team!


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